Energus Leads the Way with AI-Driven Sustainability

Energus is proud to announce a significant leap forward in our commitment to sustainability and innovative technology. We have recently implemented the Nordomatic iBOS energy® AI system, a groundbreaking solution from Sweden.

The Nordomatic iBOS energy® AI system is designed to enhance the operational efficiency of buildings by intelligently managing heating, ventilation and cooling. With its advanced AI capabilities, the system continuously analyses temperature data and occupancy patterns to optimise energy use across our facilities.

Key Benefits of the Nordomatic iBOS energy® AI System:

  • 24/7 Artificial Intelligence:The system acts as an intelligent overseer of your existing ventilation, heating, and cooling systems, utilising every bit of free energy generated by daily activities and natural sources like sunlight and wind.
  • Real-Time System Optimisation:Unlike traditional systems with separate controls, iBOS energy® creates a cohesive platform that integrates and automates your building’s systems. It optimises these systems in real time, taking full advantage of the building’s thermal storage capacity.
  • Universal Compatibility:iBOS energy® integrates seamlessly with our existing building controls, enhancing our ventilation, heating, and cooling systems without the need for extensive retrofitting.
  • Smart Energy Use:The system harnesses surplus energy often lost in buildings, adapting to the unique thermal properties of each property to ensure optimal control.
  • Advanced Environmental Adaptation:By considering both internal conditions like air quality and external environmental factors — including local weather forecasts — iBOS energy® can plan and adjust its operations up to five days in advance, ensuring maximum efficiency under varying conditions.

Enhanced Efficiency: Our building operations have been streamlined, significantly reducing wasted energy.

Cost Savings: The system is projected to save us approximately £9,000 annually, a testament to its effectiveness and efficiency.

Environmental Impact: By reducing energy consumption, we’re not only saving costs but also minimising our carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

This initiative is part of Energus’ ongoing effort to lead by example in the adoption of eco-friendly technologies for a more sustainable future. We are excited about the potential of the Nordomatic iBOS energy® AI system to set new standards in building management and energy conservation.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to innovate and lead the charge towards a more sustainable and efficient future.