Cyber Lab

Cyber Lab

Protecting the Businesses of Today Against the Cyber Attacks of Tomorrow.

Energus launches its state of the art Cyber Lab, as part of a NDA group initiative to close the skills gap in Cyber Security.

Energus are leading the way in the war against cyber-crime, through the delivery of their extensive Cyber Security apprenticeship & STEM training programmes.

“This is a hugely important range of programmes that we have established in collaboration with our industry partners and government, not only does it help reduce the skills shortage in Cyber, but also opens up additional career opportunities for young people. We have invested significantly in our new facilities and programmes and are fully committed to placing Energus at the forefront of Cyber Security training for the North”.

If you are a company or individual interested in finding out more about our Cyber Lab, including tours and course offerings, please email Cyber@energus.co.uk

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