CyberFirst Futures

CyberFirst Futures

CyberFirst Futures introduces the more advanced practical features of cyber security. It is designed for 15 – 16 year old pupils who are familiar with computing, programming and planning to take relevant A-Levels. The course deals with the cyber security concerns of businesses and large networks.

Module content consists of interactive, hands on, self-guided, exploratory learning. Reducing the amount of time spent in traditional instructor led presentations to the very minimum.

Day – 1 Motivations for Attack

Who are the attackers, how do they attack? Why do they attack and what damage can they cause? Who are the targets, what can they do to protect themselves and what should they do when defences fail?

Day 2 – Protecting Yourself from Attack

Everybody is at risk of cybercrime, but we will explain some of the steps that can be taken to protect individual’s devices, networks, businesses and communities.

Day 3 – Understanding Large Networks

We take a detailed look at how different types of networks work including local networks, wireless networks and the internet and explore the security aspects of BYOD, IoT and wireless.

Day 4 – Protecting Large Networks from Attack

We explore the variety of attacks which target businesses every day and the various tools and techniques which are used to protect them.

Day 5 -Making Resources Available and Secure

Cloud technologies provide convenience and cost savings to businesses, but what are the risks? In this module we explore cloud storage, SaaS and virtualisation and consider the benefits, risks and how businesses can better secure their online content.

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