Energus Finance, Audit & Risk Development Programme – Joe Williams

Recruitment Process

For graduates, recruitment processes are typically challenging and can be quite daunting. Especially the final assessment and face to face interviews. However, for the Finance, Audit & Risk programme everyone involved in the recruitment process went above and beyond to ensure there was a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. I found the final assessment day quite fun to be honest. Employee members from across the subsidiaries of the NDA group were involved in the process. All of whom put in the effort to make us applicants feel comfortable. In between the tasks, everyone was having friendly conversation and getting to know each other.


The induction in the Lake District was a great couple of weeks and provided us all the opportunity to bond and to get to know each other personally. Essentially, the induction week was just a big warm welcoming into the NDA group. We were introduced into the Finance, Audit and Risk departments. Also, we had discussions with the Chief Finance Officer from NDA and other executive members. On top of the welcoming, Energus had booked many additional sessions for us to all bond over. For instance, mental health awareness, stakeholder management training, and a bookkeeping course to prepare us for our CIMA studies.

First Secondment

The onboarding was very smooth, once again everyone involved provides a warm and relaxed welcoming. The first couple of weeks give you the opportunity to tread water and find your balance. What is important is to understand the company your placed and the dynamics of the Nuclear industry. Personally, I have been allowed to sit in on a lot of the high-level meetings where all of the important decisions, processes, changes and forecasts are being discussed. This has allowed me to paint a good picture of what is going on behind the scenes in my Secondment business.

Joe Williams – Energus Finance, Audit & Risk Graduate on secondment at Magnox

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