nucleargraduates visit Lancashire Energy HQ

A group of nucleargraduates from our 2020 cohort attended Lancashire Energy HQ to develop their understanding of skills required for the nuclear sector.  Delivered in partnership with Blackpool and Fylde College, the graduates undertook Practical Skills training which enhanced their understanding of welding, mechanical fitting, simulator training and pipe bending.

Lewis Hatton (Cohort 2020 graduate) said:

“The skills we learnt were extremely applicable to many of our secondments, we now have an understanding of the difficulties of manufacturability. For example, as many of us are engineers we often design things in certain ways and forget to consider if this is possible for the welders and fabricators to build. The reactor simulation course provided a great overview of how the different systems interact with each other, and everyone agreed that after it they now had a better appreciation for PWR plants and how each component operates in the reactor. Many of the graduates said this was their favourite training zone they have done with nucleargraduates, which carries a lot of weight considering how brilliant the other training zones have been, especially London Footprints!”


The group of nucleargraduates left a fantastic impression on the training host, Candice who said:

“The graduates expressed how they have bonded as a group having the opportunity to spend the full week together which was lovely to see. They were truly a lovely, professional bunch and are a credit to Energus and the companies they are working for.”

Well done Cohort 2020!